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Why place an ad on this site? If its hookups you are seeking, M4M-USA is devoted exclusively to making hookups happen.

If you agree with three or more of the below statements, M4M is worth your time to place an ad.

  1. Hook-ups happen where integrity is high, making members comfortable with meeting off line. M4M provides this comfort level through the use of a confidential Member Feedback System--the result is Safer Dating and more frequent hook-ups.
  2. Hook-ups happen where there are detailed ads so you know who you are meeting. Unlike other sites, we never censor factual content. The more you know → the fewer mistakes you make!
  3. Hook-ups happen when you can acquire a true sense of someone's personality. Beyond the usual ad and pics, members post their sexual stats and have self-recorded voice profiles. Hear and see!
  4. Hook-ups happen when things stay locally grouped so that communication is with men who you can meet tonight, not next year on your annual vacation.
  5. Hook-ups happen when a site prohibits porno or hustlers solicitation. Our focus remains exclusively on meeting real men and hooking up.
  6. Hook-ups happen where there is choice but without an endless stream of logins making it impossible to focus and choose. It may be fun to look at 1000's of pics or chat on line endlessly. We believe it is much more fun to find a hookup and get off line.

Hook-ups happen on M4M. And remember, sometimes a hook-up is for just one night and sometimes its forever.

If you agree with three or more of the above statements, then your ad belongs on this site.

Steven Alexander, Site Director forM4M-USA.com

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